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CCI had the opportunity to “share” in the launching of the July kick-off fundraiser for retired astronaut Buzz Aldrin’s ShareSpace Foundation and celebration of the Anniversary of Apollo 11.

The Gala was held at the Kennedy Space Center’s Apollo/Saturn V Center, beneath the capsule, and was hosted by actor John Travolta with co-host actor Seth Green.

CCI provided much of the AV support for the event, including teleprompters and projectors. We recorded the event which took place in two separate areas, and produced a promotional video in addition to some pre-recording in our studios with Mr. Aldrin.

The production also involved a candid discussion in the Lunar Theatre between John Travolta and Buzz Aldrin with Seth Green as moderator. They shared stories, movie clips and showed off their individual dancing abilities while involving the audience.

One lucky woman in the audience received an Uma Thurman look alike haircut by Buzz and John. All of this was caught on camera and recorded by CCI. Click here to see the haircut on video.

ShareSpace was founded by Buzz Aldrin to help kids learn about space and spark their interest in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math). He does this with hands-on activities, inspirational messages, educational visits and gives the children “Innovation Kits” to build.

In June 2015, Port Canaveral of officials invited businesses, residents, politicians, and dignitaries for breakfast and a “State of the Port” address in the newly constructed Cruise Terminal One.

CCI was hired to cover and record the event with two HD cameras, which was then edited and combined with other pre-recorded productions played during the event, for complete coverage. We also used segments of the recordings chosen by the Port to create shorter promotional videos for their social media outlets.

This video documentation communicates the Port’s future growth and expansion which provided an important public relations service for the Port and to the community.

There were some especially important announcements regarding the grand opening of the Gulftainer cargo terminal services, the construction of the Titusville Logistics Center, hotel and shops development and much more. Click here to view the video.

2015 is the 25th Anniversary of the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame and CCI was chosen to record this year’s induction for the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation in May.

CCI provided 3 – HD cameras with crew to record the black- tie event which was held at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center’s Apollo/Saturn V Center.

This is a complicated venue that requires knowledge of the exhibit and surroundings.  CCI has recorded many events at this location, so we are familiar with the territory and prime spots to capture the best angles.  The set-up and recording was a success and the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation sent DVD copies of the event to all attendees.

Space Legends for the past 50 years came together for the induction of 4 Space Shuttle Astronauts: John Grunsfeld, Steve Lindsey, Kent Rominger, and Rhea Seddon.

NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration wanted to add a registration site to their website for some mandatory employee training. CCI was subcontracted by NewPoint Strategies to plan, design and produce it.

NOAA wanted a similar look and feel as their current main website, and CCI accomplished the task.  There were several functions that NOAA required for the new site. It was designed to capture the information entered for a database that could be downloaded or copied into an Excel spreadsheet.  They needed other features including sending an email notification to the appropriate person that someone registered and send a confirmation email to the person registering.  And most importantly, the registration button was added to NOAA’s main website which linked to the registration website CCI created.

Both NewPoint Strategies and NOAA were happy customers.  Lynne Revo Cohen of NewPoint Strategies said: “I opened the website up and took a look at the registration process….very simple, clear and easy to work with…good job everyone!”  And NOAA was pleased as well. Melissa Johnson commented: “Looks good and ready to go!”

CCI can provide full and custom web site services. Some web sites just tell the visitor who you are and how to reach you – they function like “business cards.” Others have features and functions that make valuable contributions to your business, saving you time and making you money. These are more like “employees.” Whether you need a simple business card site or a site that works for you, CCI can tailor a solution that meets your needs for template creation, graphic design, SEO, and Social Media.


The Tourism Development Council for the Space Coast in Brevard County chose CCI to provide the AV for their annual Space Coast Tourism Day Luncheon on May 15th at the Radisson Resort at the Port in Cape Canaveral, FL.

We provided and set up the sound system, cameras, projectors, screens and the pipe and drape backdrops. This enabled the large audience to see everything from a distance. Bonnie King of the Tourism Development Council’s Sales Action Team said “The event went great – your team was fabulous!”

The TDC Luncheon is held each year to recognize exceptional people in the tourism industry.

When Brevard County Philanthropist Tom Wasdin turned 80 years old in July, his wife had planned a very special celebration with 250 guests which included community leaders, friends and family at a local country club.

She also included CCI in the pre-party plans because she wanted the event to be recorded on camera and show a power point and video presentation of Tom’s life and career. CCI provided the AV equipment which included two 9×12 screens, computer, projector and 2 technicians. But, most of the work was done before the event. CCI scanned hundreds of old photographs into a power point presentation which was then incorporated into a video.

The Wasdin’s are equally celebrated by many in the community because of their charity work and driving force behind many fundraisers. They support local non-profits with gifts over $100,000 annually and donate their time and energy to dozens of local and national organizations.

Communications Concepts (CCI) has been in business for over 35 years and you may know us as an AV or video production company. That is our background and we still provide those services, but you may not know is we also specialize in proposal support work.

Producing a winning proposal is a lot like producing a great video, it all comes down to great story telling. You have to know what your audience wants and how to tell or sell your story well to communicate your solution. CCI provides very good storytellers and we have honed our proposal writing skills by venturing with some of the best in aerospace and defense industries.

Your company needs to win that all-important contract. You are good fit for the job and you have put together a winning management team, but who is going to tell that story? Your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) may not be able to communicate their solutions well and who is going to unify everything, so it speaks from one voice? Who will condense into a succinct concept and makes sure that every box is checked in the compliance matrix? CCI will help you get your messages across from development of first concepts through proposal production, delivery and even a presentation, if one is required.

We offer strong proposal management and writing services, graphics design, and oral support from creating Power Point presentations, to executive coaching to providing AV equipment services. In just the last two years, CCI has worked on proposals for large companies like AECOM and Raytheon to small businesses like Precise Systems. If you want more information, contact us at 321-783-5232 or www.cci321.com.

When it comes to planning an event, it’s important to always keep the reason for the event in mind, so you stay focused on the goal and it doesn’t get out of hand and turn into something you didn’t want.  Then, decide on an approximate date for the event and a budget. Start your list of what you’ll need to pull it off:

– Venue location, size, seating capacity, convenience to attendees, food and drink service.
– Audio Visual support: microphones, sound system, speakers, projectors, screens, etc.
– Audio Visual tools: music, movies, PowerPoint, etc.
– Presenters and speakers, musicians, performers.

Contact the potential venues to find out about date availability, whether or not they meet your requirements and get estimates or proposals from the venue.

If the venue doesn’t provide the AV requirements needed, you’ll need to get quotes from other vendors who do provide AV equipment and AV support.  Set up registration, ticketing or an RSVP plan for the attendees to respond.

Set up a schedule for notifications of the event. Many of these items would be sent electronically:
– 60-90 days prior to the event, send out “Save the Date” publicity to attendees.
– 60-30 days prior to the event, send out the invitation. 5 60 days prior to the event – send out a press release to the monthly and weekly media outlets.
– 30 days prior to the event, send out a press release to daily and electronic media outlets.
– 1 week prior to the event, send out a reminder to attendees.

Create an agenda and if necessary, share it with the venue, so they know what you plan to do.  On the day of the event:
– Arrive early.
– Double check everything.
– Test your audio, video and presentation to make sure it’s functioning properly.
– Rehearse, especially if it’s a big event.
– Start on time, keep it on time – the audience appreciates timeliness and brevity.
– Make sure to thank everyone; the attendees, venue staff, presenters, etc.
– End on time.

Presentation Tips
Presentations are not just content anymore. They now have flashy audio/video effects, so we can now sit in the audience and watch spectacular presentations using PowerPoint, Director, and coordinated slides. The explosion of exciting new A/V technology has made a wide range of special effects generally available to presenters. Many businesses, coaching sales teams, and executives are using AV as an effective platform.

Here are some tips to make sure your presentation is a memory your audience won’t forget:
– First, decide what you want to say. Make sure your presentation isn’t so complicated people can’t really grasp it, otherwise, personal communication is lost.
– Start by answering the audience’s basic question, “Why should I care about your subject?”
– Turn data, which can be boring, into exciting pictures of what will change the listener’s life or business.
– Help them make the decision your presentation is designed to promote. What are your points of wisdom? How can you illustrate these points in the best way possible?
– It is very important to take a look at the room before you give the presentation. Consider the following:
– Lighting, room temperature (you don’t want your audience focusing on how cold or hot it is in the room).
– Visibility (make sure no one has an obstructed view), and any windows or doors (make sure there are no distractions).

You must also consider using a laptop or a high end LCD projector from an A/V company. And make sure you give yourself plenty of time for setup and learning equipment. Here are some other points to remember when it comes to A/V for a presentation:
– Make sure everyone can hear the presentation. For example, if people are sitting around a conference table, then your voice is just fine, but if it is a large room full of people, a PA system may be needed.
– If you use a microphone, remember it does not have to be close to your face. People should see your face and expressions clearly. You should also consider using a wireless or lavalier microphone (this will allow you to be hands-free).
– Test the microphone before you use it. Make sure you are comfortable with the sound levels.
– Do you need a small or large screen or several screens? This will ensure everyone can see your presentation. And think about using a laser pointers to call attention to a particular subject.

In the end, your message and the power of persuasion will depend on creating exciting pictures. Use your unique stories to stimulate your audience and audio/visual technology as a valuable support. Use it like it was designed to be used – to enhance your message, not to eclipse it. Contact the A/V rental department at CCI (321) 783-5232.