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CCI will be celebrating 40 years in 2018 and there are many stories to tell about knowledge and experiences gained over the years. That’s one of the reasons our areas of expertise are so diverse! We hope you enjoy some of the featured highlights over the past few months in this newsletter. And if you have a favorite memory or experience involving CCI, please tell us. Send a quick outline or email to bvance@cci321.com. Thank you!

In April 2017, CCI was honored to produce a corporate video for Safran USA based on their presence at the world’s largest aerospace aftermarket MRO tradeshow in Orlando, FL.

This video summarizes Safran USA’s capabilities throughout their divisions, around the country and highlighting their products, services and technological support for their customers. CCI provided a 3 man production crew to shoot the video at the tradeshow. CCI shot the raw video in 4K using a Panasonic GH4 camera. Key executives of the various Safran divisions were interviewed and b-roll of the Safran booth was captured. CCI also provided post production editing, which included versions with French and English subtitles.

Safran designs and builds advanced technology products for aviation, defense and security sectors.  Safran’s experts were able to present their products and services to many of their past, present & prospective future customers and end-users. At MRO resulted in Safran signing multiple agreements, including WestJet Airlines and Turkish Technics.

Christelle Kinkead, Communications Manager of Safran USA said: “MRO Americas was very eventful for Safran this year and CCI demonstrated creativity in capturing the major highlights of the show.”

CCI appreciates Safran USA for choosing us to highlight their successes in the industry! Click here to see the video on the Safran website.

Gordian Knot Analytics Group needed a video explaining their company and products to show to their investors and contacted CCI to help them. CCI assisted Gordian Knott to conceptualize and ultimately produce this overview video.

Gordian Knott is a Marketing Data Analytics company. They have the tools to explain, predict and optimize their client’s marketing performance. Then, they compare their client’s data with worldwide data to accurately predict where the marketing money is working, where it is not and how to make it work better.

The production by CCI included planning, single camera production on location in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, teleprompting for key executives, animation, editing, and post production. The CCI 3-person location crew shot the video in 4K and delivered the final edited product in HD. See the video here on their website: https://gkagmarketing.com/about/

James M. Bonner, Co-Founder and COO of Gordian Knot Analytics Group said: “Great job start to finish. We have had very good feedback; a very professional video is the primary comment. I appreciated the quick turnaround as well”.

Whether it’s a special event inside or outside, corporate meeting or trade show, CCI offers several hundred different pieces of audio visual production and presentation equipment. If you know what your event will require, view our Equipment Rentals list to select the gear that you will need and give us a call at (321)783-5232.

Each year in May, the Space Coast Office of Tourism hosts an awards luncheon to recognize achievements of individuals and companies on the Space Coast who greatly contribute to the tourism industry. CCI was on the job providing the audio visual equipment and technical support to make that happen. The equipment included two 9’x12’ screens, pipe and drape, 4 Mackey speakers, a Panasonic GH4 video camera plus a video switcher.

And for the 2nd year, CCI has provided AV and technical support for the Central Florida Dinner and Auction to Raise Awareness for Transverse Myelitis on June 2nd. The Gala and Fundraiser was held in honor of Sarah Robbins, who has the disease. Transverse Myelitis is a neurological disease which causes inflammation of the spinal cord which leads to paralysis and other debilitating symptoms.

The event was held in a large ballroom at the Radisson Inn at the Port Convention Center in Cape Canaveral, FL. The CCI team set up two 9’x12’ screens, pipe and drape, 4 Mackey speakers, a Panasonic GH4 video camera plus a video switcher.

Sarah’s parents, Jason and Tina Robbins coordinate the event each year, and Tina said: “The Transverse Myelitis Association could not have possibly put on such a wonderful Gala and Auction on 6/2/17 without the help and efforts of Communication Concepts, Inc. If it wasn’t for the wonderful audiovisual technology that they brought to the event, we would not be able to fundraise and raise awareness for this rare disorder. We are so grateful for their exemplary staff and crew, their dedication and expertise! We hope to have a continued working relationship for a long time! Thank you CCI.”  You can learn more about Transverse Myelitis at: www.myelitis.org.

Requests for proposal seem to always come when you don’t have enough time or resources to provide a winning response. CCI Capture and Proposal Support Services has the needed human resources and expertise to fill any void. CCI provides what a client needs when it is needed most. Be it a subject matter expert, to proposal manager, to writers, to an entire proposal team…CCI delivers.

To remain ever-ready, CCI Capture and Proposal Support Services is always looking for new talent, so we can provide each client with consultants who have just the right expertise. Are you or do you know a good proposal manager, proposal writer, graphic artist, or pricing specialist? If so, please visit https://cci321.com/employment/ and provide contact and background information. At CCI we work to AMAZE and our clients want more of it. Come join our team.

DIGITAL SIGNAGE – Business Ads Can Reach Thousands More
Businesses can increase their exposure to thousands of hotels guests when they advertise on CCI’s Digital Signage Systems located in hotels on the Space Coast.

Each ad runs more than 100 times per day alongside local visitor and hotel information, weather, time and space launch updates on the screens. The business advertising is in the form of a video, a still image or both, depending on the business’ preference.  Advertising prices range from $50 – $175 per month.

The hotels are also reporting that more rack cards are picked up from the tourist information display when their advertisement is also on the Digital Sign.

“The display at our front desk area is a highlight to the guests at our hotel. They love watching the videos on the screen when they are checking in and I have had many guests stay an extra day when they notice some local attractions in the area.  The weather forecast and general area information really help the guests get ready for their stay.”  Oral Ali, General Manager of the Econo Lodge in Merritt Island, FL

If you want your business to more effectively capture this target market, call us (321)783-5232 for more details and pricing.

You Need a Video – Location Matters More than You May Realize
Location, Location, Location – isn’t just important when buying real estate. It’s critical when choosing a place for shooting video or pictures with a camera. This is what creates the stage for the impression you want to convey whether it’s professional or casual, serious or fun, etc., the location sets the mood and atmosphere of what you are going to present.

Often times, a location may seem perfect and then when you go to shoot there, you find that the airport is nearby and loud planes fly over every 15 minutes or a conference has a loud air conditioner or you can hear the restroom every time someone flushes.

So what should you consider when you need pick a location for your shoot? Here are some suggestions to help you make the right choices to get the best results?

Observe your location at the right time. Try to go to the location at the same day of the week and the time of day you’d like to shoot there. Locations can change depending on the day. Lighting, traffic and noise, visitors, etc. will vary throughout the day. It’s very important to listen to the noises to consider whether or not they will enhance or interfere with the quality of your audio.

If you’re considering shooting a video outside, lighting constantly changes, so planning the best time of day for your shoot can determine the visual quality. Full sun doesn’t look the best on a face, and glare may surprise you when the sun hits light-colored surfaces and causes the camera lens to compensate, underexposing the shot. Even partial sun can cause problems because of the high contrast. Locations that are fully shaded or overcast day often provide the best environment.

Whether inside or outside, make sure you have plenty of room to set up all of the equipment and enough room to get the shots you need. Small or awkward spaces may look great, but not be functional. Typically, you need to space your talent out at least three to six feet from any wall.  The camera crew will need to be at least three to six feet in front of them.  The more talents in the shot the further the camera may need to back. Make sure there is enough room. Sure, your crew could shoot with a wide angle lens, but such lenses tend to exaggerate features and distort the image which may not be desirable.

Prepare for power. Does the location you are considering have any power available to re-charge batteries or power any needed lighting for the shoot. Even if it does, make sure it can handle any additional load. Check where the breaker box is located, just in case you need to use it.

You may know of several great locations, but who owns them or has control of them? If you or your company doesn’t own it, you will need to get permission to use a location. Some locations even require you to get permits before you can film. If you take a chance of not doing so, you will be back to square one losing time and money if your production is interrupted and stopped because you were caught. If you are doing something loud or you have a large group coming that will take up a lot of parking, it’s always a good idea to make friends with neighboring locations. At minimum, consider sending them a notice or at least posting notices explaining what you are filming.

When you are looking for a location, write down all of the details because you will inevitably need to refer back to something. Take lots of pictures for reference and to help you visually plan. Draw a location map if you and others are not familiar with the area and even bring a compass if it will help. Google Maps and Google Earth work really well to help you define where you are located at.

Today, so many videos are shot on green screen. In some situations, this may be the best location to shoot, but too often productions fall back on a green screen because it’s quick and perhaps less costly than real location production. As you have just read, shooting on location has challenges, but it can really make difference which will make your video standout on the internet in this green screen saturated world.

As part of our location production planning, CCI discusses goals with clients and finds the best location to tell each client’s story. We also do site surveys as part of our pre-production process to make sure each location will work properly. Our site survey includes everything mentioned above. We even consider the environment and plan for everything from rain, to salty air, to moisture, to super cold or hot weather.

Over the years, we have found that good planning reduces shoot times, lowers costs and gives us the best chance of getting a great shot. Following this process also makes creating and communicating a visual message a more enjoyable experience for our clients.  If you have questions about a location for you next shoot contact Robin Champagne at CCI. (321) 783-5232.