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We are always appreciative of the talent and hard work of our team here at Communications Concepts and as a result, we have received many awards over the years. Once again, CCI won 2 Silver Addy awards at this year’s Space Coast American Advertising Federation Awards. One for Safran USA (watch the video here: https://vimeo.com/195622371) and one for the Crane Creek Heritage Festival (watch the video here: https://vimeo.com/170727492). Many thanks to our staff and to the Space Coast American Advertising Federation!

What if you could eliminate a lot of the paperwork and filing in your business and be able to track progress and problems even more thoroughly and efficiently? The revolution of web based apps brings many more creative options for a business such as evaluations, quality control, maintenance monitoring, trouble tracking and submitting forms to websites. And there is more – photo galleries, blogs, back-office integration, calendars, shopping carts, portfolios, product manuals, customer service portals, push notifications, product catalogs, location finders, social media integration, estimate calculators and donation portals.

CCI has created and developed customized apps such as: a mobile responsive evaluation app which allows managers to evaluate employees or facilities quickly in real-time on their mobile device; a mobile maintenance monitoring app enables employees to confirm the completion of a task at specific locations; a trouble tracking app works well for ongoing management of any area where issues need to be dealt with immediately such as tourist attractions, theme parks, resorts and any other facility or organization where real-time reporting and solutions are needed; and the electronic form submittal website is specifically useful for any functions where forms are required to be submitted prior to authorization, such as safety plans, security clearances and so forth. At CCI, we listen to each client’s issues and workflow, and then plan mobile website solutions that will streamline processes to make the work easier. Our developers are dedicated to stay on top of latest technologies, find the right solutions and create intuitive, useful products. Are you still using clipboards and filing your records in a drawer? Contact CCI to learn more or let us know what you need and we’ll find the right solution for you. Email us at Info@cci321.com or call (321)783-5232.

Space Florida’s Airbus/OneWeb Groundbreaking
The satellite manufacturing company, OneWeb in partnership with Airbus, broke ground for their new 150,000 square foot spacecraft factory at the Kennedy Space Center’s Exploration Park in March 2017. CCI was honored to provide the audio visual equipment, services and technical support which included the recording and live streaming the event. AV equipment included microphones, speakers, plus the chairs, stage, tents and even the bathrooms.

Florida Governor Rick Scott was there to speak and celebrate along with OneWeb Satellite CEO Brian Holz, Airbus Defense and Space Inc., President Mike Cosentino, Hensel Phelps Project Executive, John Saul, and BRPH President and CEO and Chairman of the Board, Brian Curtin.

OneWeb intends to build 2,000 satellites that will form a constellation capable of wirelessly connecting every portion of the world to the Internet. Click here to view the ceremony: https://youtu.be/87uoqBn8t5Q

Coleman Aerospace
, now Aerojet Rocketdyne Coleman Aerospace, held a ribbon cutting and ground breaking ceremony to unveil its new Space Coast Integration and Test Facility at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in February 2017. Our AV team brought the audio and video equipment for a high definition video feed in addition to providing the stage, chairs, and podium. The event was a success to support the opening of the refurbished building which will now be used to assemble target missiles and bring more jobs to the Space Coast.

We have the resources and equipment to make any event, large or small, a smooth success. Call (321)783-5232 for your next event.

Safran USA Projects
Team CCI captured the V.I.P. celebration of Safran USA’s Charleston, SC. facility expansion in November 2016. We can help you highlight your company’s successes, too!

March 2017 – Recording, producing and editing a corporate video for Safran USA at the annual Heli Expo has become a yearly event for CCI. This year, the event took place in Dallas, Texas, where Safran has over 1,500 folks working in the helicopter engine and power industry. The highlight is showcasing the first delivery of the Bell505 to their 1st customer which also happens to be a customer in the USA. Safran is a worldwide international high-technology group with three core business: Space, Defense, and Security.

Communications Concepts (CCI) has been in business for almost 40 years but you probably know us as an AV or video production company.  We still provide those services, but you may not know that we also specialize in proposal support work and content creation.

Producing a winning proposal is a lot like producing a great video, it all comes down to great story telling. You have to know what your audience wants and how to tell, or sell your story well.

CCI provides very good story tellers and we have honed our proposal writing skills by venturing with some of the best in the aerospace and defense industries located locally here in Cape Canaveral FL or nationwide.

Your company needs to win that all important contract. You’re a good fit for the job and you have put together a winning management team, but who is going to tell that story? Your “Subject Matter Experts” (SMEs) may not be able to communicate their solutions well. Who is going unify everything so it speaks from one voice?  Who will condense it into a succinct concept and make sure that every box is checked in the compliance matrix? CCI will help you communicate your information from the development of the first concept through proposal production, delivery and even a presentation, if one is required.

We offer strong proposal management, writing services, graphics design, oral support, creating Power Point presentations, executive coaching and provide AV equipment services. And in the last two years, we’ve worked on proposals for large companies such as URS, to small businesses like Precise Systems. Let us help you win!  For more information, call 321-783-5232 or email us at Info@cci321.com.

Graphic design should be the hub for everything communicated about a company. Ideally, you should think graphics first. Your graphic style and look becomes the focal point which tells others who you are and what you do. It should portray your identity and drive clients to your brand.

The advancement of technology has made graphic design needed in more avenues of media than ever before. Digital signage, websites, social media, traditional print, corporate identity, packaging, and more. Everything relies on visual images.  And in this time of quick glance technology with shorter attention spans, it is pictures and short videos that will catch viewers’ attention more than words and copy. So, to be noticed and to be remembered, it’s important that your graphics are extraordinary.

The quality and professionalism of your graphic design is how you are perceived. It’s all about the first impression and building credibility that you are a reputable business which provides the highest quality of expertise. Ralph Colon, Web and Creative Services Director for Acuitive Digital explains: “A Creative Director’s primary goal is not necessarily to only create great art design. It’s to listen, empathize and connect with clients and understand their vision, and then create compelling design born from that connection. You can only deliver the WOW factor for your clients if you truly recognize the primary need for the design. That connection is really what brings their vision to life in the creative.”

Communicating Your Image
The types of font, pictures, colors, etc, will portray a visual of what type of business you are and the products you provide. For instance, an IT company would probably use fonts which are modern with clean lines as opposed to a Halloween costume company which would use more gothic fonts. They create a visual picture and emotions in your mind. This is not limited to choosing who we do business with and product purchases. The visual ideas can also influence beliefs and ideology, depending how they are presented. New York Art Director and Designer John Henry of Print Digital Interactive says: “I find the most appealing Graphic Design to be that which both reflect and seek to influence the social and political culture of the day. Similar to changing hemlines and skirt lengths, fonts can reveal much about both.”

Setting Yourself Apart
We are naturally drawn to things that look good and make us feel good, and that will make your business stand out in the consumer’s mind. That, in turn, will set you apart from other brands.

Consistent Branding
The logo and graphics must go on everything a company presents. Become the identity. Branding and consistency will enable a business to get recognized. Graphic designer Katie Pallone, an independent designer, artist and illustrator in Melbourne, FL. says: “The look and feel of a brand should be streamlined as it will reach every facet of the company from the business cards, packaging, signs, ads, website, and TV spots. A consistent color scheme, usage of fonts and logo placement will resonate with the audience and ensure an ease of recognition of a brand or product moving forward.”

Social Media
Graphics are especially important when using social media. An eye-catching logo can motivate the user to post and share which will drive people to the website and if it’s shared enough, it could go viral depending on the content. Be careful that the graphic design is not so large that it takes too much time to download or viewers will be lost. Most people don’t have the patience to wait.

Investing in Good Graphic Design Saves Money
It’s best to spend the money on good graphic design upfront, rather than spending money on multiple mediocre re-designs. Otherwise, valuable time is wasted to become noticed, leaving potential customers confused. As mentioned before, quality matters and that can best be achieved with a professional. If you are in the process of looking for graphic design, whether you’re just getting started or re-designing, CCI has the resources to create a visual concept for your marketing success. To find out what we can do, call (321)783-5232 or email us at Info@cci321.com.