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CCI regularly provides quality audio visual equipment for events, meetings and corporate trade shows inside and outside, on and around the Space Coast. We offer several hundred different pieces of audio visual production and presentation equipment. If you let us know what your budget is, we can work with you and recommend equipment to fit your needs.

AV event for Titan Technology Services

AV event for Titan Technology Services

Titan Technology Services of Orlando, FL enlisted the services of CCI for an Association for Software Testing conference held at the Cocoa Beach Hilton. CCI provided two wireless lavalieres and two handheld microphones, a forty foot pipe and drape set, four LED lights, and ten microphone cables. 

We are proud to have another happy client; “I want to thank CCI for there contribution in making my show a huge success. Their professionalism and quality of service is top notch. I do shows across the country and for being in the Cocoa Beach, FL area, CCI is the choice to make. Thanks again CCI for all of your collaboration and dedication for helping me make my show a glorious success.”    Sean Stahl, President, Titan Technology and Services, Orlando, FL.  

AV event for Leonardo DRS

AV event for Leonardo DRS

Leonardo DRS in Melbourne, FL. needed AV equipment for a two day outdoor meeting. CCI brought various pieces of gear on each day for when they needed it. This included a 9×12 screen, projector, speakers, microphones, a mixer, audio recording, and technicians for the two day event. 

William Wiles, Corporate IT Manager of Leonardo DRS said; “Over the years, DRS has relied on CCI for all our AV events. The CCI team has always provided us with excellent service and a fair rate for their service. We will definitely use them in the future.”

If you know what your event will require, view our Equipment Rentals list to select the gear that you will need and give us a call. If you’re planning a first time event, we also provide Event Planning. However, if you all you need is equipment and you’re not exactly sure where to start, view our Special Events Rental Packages for the types of events and standard equipment needed. If you don’t see what you are looking for, we will customize according to your requirements. Make sure your event has the right AV equipment for your success – (321)783-5232 or info@cci321.com.

Matt McLouth

Setting up to record Matt McLouth’s election video

CCI produces, records and edits the highest quality, ready to air television grade videos using 4k video cameras and high definition production.

We are able to provide single and mulit-camera location production and drone video production for corporations, entertainment and the government, even political commercials.

Former Port Canaveral Commissioner, Matt McLouth hired CCI to produce, record and edit a campaign video for the 2018 election. The video was shot outside at Rusty’s restaurant at Port Canaveral on the water, providing an appropriate background for the shoot. 

Port Canaveral is now the second busiest cruise port in the world. We invite you to see the quality of our work on our website and YouTube channel playlists.

CCI is an e-Learning developer. We work with your training, human resources and project management departments to take your educational sessions and make them computer based and optimized for web browsers, Learning Management Systems (LMS), CD’s, DVD’s or e-Books. We produce all forms of Computer Based Training, ranging from simple recordings of classes and seminars for viewing off-site or at later time, as well as producing fully interactive educational programs and classes…at a fraction of the cost.

CCI has developed interactive Web Based Training, Computer Based Training (CBT) and linear video training programs for:
•AAR Airlift
•Architect of the Capitol
•Harris Corporation
•Hilton Hotels
•United States Navy
•The Golf Channel
•Brevard Community College (now Eastern Florida State) and many others

Why e-learning is better:
Saves money because employees don’t have to leave their desks to attend training at another location.
Saves money in the training budget because you don’t have to bring in a trainer.
Saves valuable time because a staff member doesn’t have to train every time there is a new hire.

We have the specialized knowledge and experience to provide the modern training services your business needs – (321)783-5232 or info@cci321.com.

CCI is currently providing multi-media services at Kennedy Space Center and Vandenberg AFB including the production of videos, graphics, web content, live broadcasts and webcasts. This is as a result of being a part of the team that was awarded the Kennedy Infrastructure, Applications and Communications (KIAC) support services contract from NASA.

Anna Heiney, Contractor of the Quarter

Anna Heiney

We’d like to congratulate one of our team members, Anna Heiney who is the Multi-Media Services Lead of the writing team for the KSC Public Affairs department. She has been awarded the PX Contractor of the Quarter for stepping in when staffing was low and making sure a feature or script is a “quality, timely and relevant product that tells the NASA story in way the public can enjoy.” She was also recognized for her professionalism in project management, writing skills and knowledge of the web. 

Anna has been part of the KSC Public Affairs team for 17 1/2 years now.  She began her career in public relations in 1998 at Florida Today in their new media department. Her grandfather and uncle both had worked at the Space Center and Anna says “as folks here locally know, it gets into your blood. This was where I wanted to be.”  Then, Anna received a voicemail from someone she knew locally in the PR business, tipping her off to a contractor writer position supporting KSC Public Affairs. She got the job, and reported to work on Feb. 12, 2001.

Anna says there are a couple of unique benefits that she enjoys the most about her job such as “having a role that involves a front-row seat to one fascinating, history-making event after another. But in addition to that, because this job covers such a wide variety of tasks and skills, no two days are ever the same. One day you might be focused on writing a story on a tight deadline. The next day, you might spend your entire day ping-ponging between updates to external and internal web pages. I have the added challenge of trying to keep the workload balanced across the writing team. The variety and steady stream of work keeps all of us on our toes!”

Anna’s advice for others in her field is that you have to go the extra mile to understand the science or the technology you are writing about so you are able to make it understandable, relatable and interesting to the public.  And you also have to be prepared to diplomatically explain why you wrote something the way you did because although it’s understandable to an engineer, it may not be for readers or viewers. Anna says: “our job is to invite those readers and viewers into this technical world.”


CCI crew at Tank America

This was definitely not an ordinary day at the office. Employees from CCI’s corporate office and Multi-Media Services division at Kennedy Space Center experienced a uniquely adventurous team building event at Tank America in Melbourne, FL. It’s Central Florida’s newest attraction where you can drive an authentic military tank, play laser tag, and more.

Team Building

CCI employees were challenged with fun and interesting games that required trust, cooperation, communication and problem solving. There was a lot of laughter until “Laser Tag”…then the competition began and the real sharpshooters were revealed. 

Ben Smegelsky and Bill Allen

Ben Smegelsky and Bill Allen

The evening ended with a ride in an armored personnel carrier (APC) plowing through mud, water and rough terrain. A regular day at work will NEVER seem the same. By the way, CCI recorded, produced and edited their promotional website video too at www.TankAmerica.com.


Video Production Summer CampEvery parent’s desire is to help their child find their gifts and talents. In July, Communications Concepts offered a Video Production Camp for students ages 10-15. They learned all aspects of video production from writing scripts, hands-on camera operation, to shooting and editing video. Each camper took turns performing a different role for the production. For instance, one camper would be the talent on the green screen while another held the boom microphone. At the end of the week, each student produced their own video to share with the world. You can see their videos here!

The Space Coast Film Commissioner, Bonnie King also stopped by to speak to the campers and students visited the Sands Space History Center to do a video scavenger hunt. CCI would like to especially thank the Sands Space History Center for their cooperation. If you haven’t been there yet, you should go for a visit. They are located at 100 Spaceport Way, Cape Canaveral, FL.
Bonnie King   

CCI offers strong proposal management and writing services plus graphic design, oral support, creating power point presentations, executive coaching and providing AV equipment services. Writing a proposal requires specific knowledge and understanding. So, we’d like to share some tips and basics when writing one.


  • Plan your page count. 
  • Give the requestor exactly what they are asking for by outlining your proposal based on the client’s requirements. 
  • If it is a typical Federal RFP you should review the RFP in this order:
    • Section B – to understand the price requirements and length of the contract.
    • Section L – to get the directions on how to prepare the proposal.
    • Section M – to understand the evaluation criteria.
    • Section C – to understand the scope at a high level.
  • Remaining sections should be in order to pick up anything else required in the proposal.
  • The outline should be structured in exact accordance with Section L first, then anything additional from Section M.  
  • Make sure all of your writing emphasizes your sales points, discriminators, themes, and win strategies. 
  • Make sure every member of your proposal team visualizes headlines, text, graphics, emphasis messages, and photos.
  • Have a kickoff meeting to establish solutions offered and win themes.
  • Tell the story graphically to score the most points.
  • Consider tilting the graphics plane to create more space on the page and generate an interesting perspective. Oftentimes graphics style can set your proposal apart from the competition.


  • Postpone outlining and writing your first draft until it’s too close to the deadline thus compromising the quality.
  • Get overly confident and prideful. Instead, make sure you back up your content with references, performance data, and facts to demonstrate your knowledge.. 
  • Don’t overuse boilerplate material, and fine tune it to the customer. 
  • Don’t write a novel; use simple, easy to understand language, avoid long-winded sentences, and run-on paragraphs.  

CCI can help you communicate your information from the development of the first concept through proposal production, delivery and even a presentation, if one is required.  Let us help you win! For more information, call (321)783-5232 or email info@cci321.com.