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We begin the New Year looking back on the last quarter of 2018 featuring highlights of services we have provided for some of our valued clients. 2018 also brought the celebration of our 40th business anniversary and in doing so, we are able to reflect over those past years with gratitude and appreciation to all of those clients (big and small) and for the opportunity to serve. From all of us at Communications Concepts, Inc – we wish everyone a very happy and successfully prosperous New Year!

Safran USA – For the 4th year in a row, CCI provided video production services for Safran USA at the National Business Aviation Association Annual Convention & Exhibition (NBAA) in Orlando, FL. We spent two days recording at two different locations – the Orange County Convention Center and the Executive Airport.

This year, the video features not only Safran’s products and services at the convention, but for the first time, Safran’s new partner Zodiac Aerospace was present to showcase their safety and cabin products. Most importantly, NetJets airline announced an option to purchase up to 150 Cessna Citation Hemisphere business jets with the Silvercrest engine designed by Safran Aircraft Engines.

You can see the video HERE on Safran’s website.


Heard Construction, Inc.Over the years, CCI has had a great working relationship with Heard Construction, Inc., a construction management company in Merritt Island, FL. This time, one of their team members, John Zwick of RZK Architects, was not able to attend one of Heard Construction’s proposal presentations. So, CCI provided video support by recording and editing his statement so he could be “digitally” present during the meeting.

Last year, CCI also produced, recorded and edited some marketing videos for Heard Construction to present to potential clients.

A successful event depends on being able to see and hear everything clearly. CCI offers several hundred different pieces of audio visual production and presentation equipment. Whether it’s a special event inside or outside, corporate meeting or trade show, large or small, we are able to take care of it so you don’t have to worry. Click here for more details about our inventory.

Rice McVaney Communications, a marketing communications agency in Hingham, Massachusetts hired CCI to provide AV support for the unveiling of a new sign at the Rockledge Medical Center (formally Wuesthoff) in Rockledge, FL. 

We set up audio in two locations; an outdoor tent and in the cafe. AV equipment included three Mackie speakers with stands, two audio mixers, two wireless microphones, one handheld mic with a stand, a DI music converter box for the electric guitar, all of the necessary cables and power cords, a generator and an AV technician for the day.


Have you ever needed a real
“Red Carpet” for an event? CCI has a 30 foot and a 10 foot red carpet available to rent. The Space Coast Rolling Readers has used one of our red carpets for the last four years in their yearly Red Carpet Event and Fundraiser.

Rolling Readers is a non-profit organization that brings local business people and volunteers into Brevard County, FL elementary school classrooms each week to read aloud, work on reading skills, and do hands-on activities that reinforce reading. You can find out more at: www.rollingreadersspacecoast.com.

Jim LewisAutoPort Canaveral needed audio, projector and a screen for their Clean Cities event which was held in their shop located at Port Canaveral, FL. We provided a Mackie speaker with a stand, podium, microphone, audio mixer, an 8’ x 8’ screen, an LCD projector, plus cables and power cords.

AutoPort Canaveral expanded their operations to 16 acres in Port Canaveral in 2016 to receive vehicles from manufacturers and perform vehicle processing and domestic uplifts to market for U.S. based automotive manufacturers.

The Viera Company hosted a Grand Opening and ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Viera Town Center Dog Park and Playground in Melbourne, FL on November 16th. CCI was there providing AV equipment and tech support for this outdoor event. Sound support required two Mackie speakers with stands, a microphone, audio mixer, power cables, cords, and an AV technician.

The dog park and playground are part of planned recreational space in addition to a new hotel, luxury apartments, future mixed use and open green space. It’s located on the northwest corner of Colonnade Drive and Rodina Drive behind the Centre Pointe luxury apartments which are currently under construction.

We also provided AV support for a local aerospace company (which must be kept anonymous for non-disclosure agreement purposes). They rented a 9’x12′ screen with a dress kit and a projector. We are always appreciative to receive feedback: “Thank you to you and your crew for the help on Saturday. Lee and Victor were on time for setup and break down, extremely polite and easy to work with, and did a great job setting everything up for us. We will definitely be in touch next time we have an event.”   

The Brevard Achievement Center had CCI record on-boarding videos for them back in 2011 and recently needed more DVD’s made. It was fortunate that CCI had made a master DVD and still had it on file. We were able to make more copies for them and hope to work together more in the future. Training Administrator Melissa Gilmore said: “Thank you again for all the great help you’ve provided, you are great!”

We have ROBOTIC cameras for action sports and indoor events for rent – $75 each per day! You can choose between the SOLOSHOT3 Optic 65 and/or a Swivel C video cameras. Watch these cameras in action HERE!

The SOLOSHOT3 is perfect for action sports such as surfing, soccer, etc. because the camera will accurately follow the subject matter without someone having to be behind the camera. It works with a waterproof and shock-resistant “Tag” which is worn or mounted to the subject being recorded and the tracking and recording is controlled with the press of a button. The camera processor technology automatically pans,  tilts, and zooms as it tracks and films the subject from up to 2,000 ft. away for up to 4 hours. It provides top quality 4K images as well. Live streaming to the SOLOSHOT app and Facebook is also possible.

The Swivl C captures indoor events such as weddings, lectures, presentations, conferences, training, focus groups and more. Swivl is already being used in over 30,000 schools worldwide. The Swivl is powered by an Octa-Core driven tablet with a five-mega-pixel autofocus camera, as it rotates and tilts to follow a Marker worn by a subject. Then the system automatically records video in full HD. Each Marker also includes a wireless microphone. While one Marker is designated for video tracking, up to three markers may be used to capture three independent audio tracks simultaneously, such as the voice of the bride, the groom and the minister.

Enjoy the convenience hitting the record button and walking away, for only $75 per day. Contact us at info@cci321.com or call 321-783-5232.

CCI is proud to promote what is happening on the Space Coast and help visitors enjoy it, by providing our hotels and businesses with an efficient, low cost way to inform them – Digital Signs.

We congratulate and welcome the International Palms Resort and Conference Center of Cocoa Beach, FL for joining our network of Digital Signs. These are placed in a number of hotels along the Space Coast including Quality Inn & Suites Cocoa Beach, Econo Lodge Cocoa Beach, Country Inn & Suites Port Canaveral, Ramada Inn Titusville, and Econo Lodge Merritt Island.

Digital Signs not only fulfills a needed service for hotel customers, but greatly increases exposure for local businesses who advertise on it.

CCI provides the Digital Signs at NO COST to the hotels. Whether it’s custom maps, advertising visitor information or communicating information; these signs inform and entertain hotel customers more efficiently as well as enhance their impression of the business.

And local Space Coast business owners can increase business exposure to thousands of hotel guests by advertising on these Digital Signs. Ads run more than 100 times per day alongside local visitor and hotel information, weather, time and space launch updates on the screens. Ads are in the form of a video, a still image or both, depending on the preference and we only allow 50 video commercials at any one time to ensure maximum rotation.

Advertising is very affordable:
– One 15 second video commercial rotating on all screens: $125/month with a 3 month minimum paid in advance.
– One 7 second still image ad rotating in the lower right on all screens: $50/month with a 3 month minimum paid in advance.
– Combination of one video commercial and one still image ad: $175/month with a 3 month minimum paid in advance.
Call us at (321)783-5232 or email us at Info@cci321.com.

The ever increasing popularity of videos is great for the video production industry, but since the technology of digital media is rapidly changing, that means adapting how videos are created and to line up with how they are viewed.

According to Mike Clum, CEO of Clum Creative in Cleveland, OH…“In 2019, the number of smartphone users is expected to surpass 5 billion people. Dozens of video-focused websites are offering entertainment, communication, and editing capabilities. More video is uploaded to the web in one month than TV created in 3 decades. Video is getting in the hands of everyone, everywhere.”  Mike Clum, 7 Video Productions Trends for 2019, ProductionHub.com, January 4, 2019.

So here are some of those changes to think about and evaluate your knowledge and equipment for future video production.

1. Vertical Videos. Smartphones have made the biggest impact for creating videos. Since most people look at their phones vertically and even shoot their own videos vertically, brands are now creating Vertical Videos. Josh Decker, founder and CEO of Tagboard, says: Billions of Snapchat Stories and Instagram Stories are created worldwide every year, nearly all shot vertically. It makes sense that we’re seeing major brands across categories move to embrace the vertical video format. Even Facebook is seeing the vertical video light, with a recent upgrade to its default video orientation.”  3 Video Trends Shaping the Future of Digital Media – Adweek, April 3, 2018.

Vertical videos fill an entire phone screen, reducing distractions or clicking on something else. Millions of vertical videos are uploaded every day on Snapchat and Instagram Stories. YouTube has also updated its web player with better support for different aspect ratios. It will enlarge the video and get rid of those annoying black bars.

2. More K. While the technology for camera resolution gets better and better, even as high as 8k, many consumers still haven’t caught up with having 4k screens. However, 4k is still expected to be more widely used in 2019 as the new technology trickles through the market. Mike Clum says: “A sensible strategy for the moment would be to continue filming in 1080p, have a hand in 4K capability, and leave the 8K cameras to Hollywood producers.”

3. The Long and Short of it – Long Form and Micro Moment Videos. It has become common knowledge that the short attention span of social media users on mobile phones demand short one to two minute videos. Mobile users have to be targeted with “micro moment” story telling. Josh Decker predicts…”In the coming years, we’ll continue to see investment by brands in live, ephemeral and localized content for Snapchat and Instagram Stories.”

On the other hand, long form videos are 10 – 30 minutes long. They give more time for storytelling and the ability to emotionally connect with the audience. They can also help establish a sense of trust with the viewer. This of course translates into longer engagement and increased SEO plus qualified leads. The obvious challenge is holding the viewer’s attention. Some have achieved this with a documentary style of story telling and educational behind the scenes types of videos.

4. Virtual Reality. This technology seems to be taking a bit longer to progress, but it’s still very much coming our way. So far, the gaming industry has taken the lead, but VR is expected to expand quickly as devices become more accessible. Sports fans are beginning to be able to watch live games on tv and with the help of VR, they can experience the game as if they are sitting court side. The military is also using VT for training, along with medical schools for practicing surgeries.

Video producers and companies need to be ready. Clum says: “In one study, 69% of experts predicted we are 5 years away from the mass adoption of virtual reality.”

5. LinkedIn Videos. LinkedIn is now hosting videos directly on their platform instead of having to use YouTube or Vimeo. Videos can be posted in the user’s profile and also in LinkedIn Publisher which is where long form content can be posted with a video. This trend is expected to grow as people realize its potential.

Since videos are the major portion of internet usage, especially on smart phones, video production has to be more diversified because of how videos are viewed. Re-evaluating your target market will determine what types of videos and technology are needed to keep up with the demands of the users.