CCI Celebrates 40 Years in Business by Sharing Business Tips

CCI Celebrates 40 Years in Business by Sharing Business Tips

On April 14, 2018, the Honorable Mayor of Cape Canaveral, Bob Hoog, presented CCI President Jim Lewis the Exemplary Service Award for Communications Concepts, Inc. for 40 years of service to the community as part of the Founders Day Event at Manatee Sanctuary Park.

In celebration of Communications Concepts, Inc. 40 years of being business, CCI’s President and Founder, Jim Lewis, is sharing 40 tips that he has learned throughout the years about how to survive and prosper in business. It’s our hope that this information helps you improve and grow your business. Subscribe to our social media accounts so you don’t miss our future business tips and videos on a variety of subjects.

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Lewis thanked the City and the company’s clients and employees for making this 40-year milestone possible.  He made note that Cape Canaveral has long been known for its role in the Space Program. So, it is no surprise that the company he founded has been part of the Space Program since 1978.

Today, CCI is expanding its space presence as part of the winning team that was awarded the Kennedy Infrastructure, Applications and Communications (KIAC) support services contract from NASA. As part of the contract, CCI is providing multi-media services which include production of videos, graphics, web content, live broadcasts and webcasts at KSC and Vandenberg AFB. “We are extremely pleased to be part of the KIAC team,” said Lewis, CCI President, “this contract allows us to continue to build on our previous successes.”

An Emmy winning Federal Government Certified Small Business with production facilities in Florida and Virginia, CCI has provided their expertise for companies such as the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center, Space Florida, Safran USA, Harris Corporation, the United States Navy, AAR, OneWeb, Boeing, Port Canaveral, ShareSpace Foundation, the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation and more.  Work for these firms has ranged from producing informational, marketing or training programs.

CCI space related projects has included supporting coverage of the first Space Shuttle launch for the BBC in April 1981, mission coverage of first Malaysian astronaut in 2008 and the last shuttle launch for the Discovery Networks Science Channel in July 2012.

Entertainment projects have included producing: “Skating’s Next Star” with Kristi Yamaguchi in 2006, “The Great American Car War”, a TV a show that aired on the Velocity Network in 2015, the movie “Armageddon” and the Japanese movie, “Space Brothers”. To find out more about these and other projects that CCI has produced over the last 40-years visit the new company website timeline at:

CCI’s facilities include Ultra-High Definition video equipment with 4K post-production editing suites, an 1,100 square foot studio, an audio production suite for voiceovers and dialog replacement (ADR), a duplication facility that can duplicate most videotape formats to disc or hard-drive, a multimedia production suite for custom Power Point presentations, web development creations and the hosting of interactive online tools and websites.