Providing Clients AV Support on Launch Day

Providing Clients AV Support on Launch Day

OneWeb Satellites launched their first set of six refrigerator-sized satellites on February 27th from Kourou, South America on-board a European Ariane rocket.  OneWeb wanted to share the launch experience with their employees and guests at their new KSC Space Exploration Park Facility.  Since CCI had supported OneWeb previously at this facility for a pre-opening tour, they contacted CCI for help. We met with OneWeb at the new facility for the site survey and to discuss the event. OneWeb wanted the guests to be able to go between the different interior rooms and a tent outside, but not miss any of the launch activities. Each area had to have a place to eat and/or watch the launch on the digital screens.

There were some restrictions on the number of people in each interior room, so as part of the planning, we created designs and drawings to show the placement of the requested items in each area. The drawings gave OneWeb a clear picture of how many tables and chairs could be in an area and help crowd control.

We were continuously checking on the launch date so we could adjust the delivery and pickup schedule to minimize “hold in place” days. When launch day arrived, we were able to schedule most of the deliveries the morning of the event, keeping the rental days for OneWeb to a minimum.

AV Rental with Camera, Stage, and LightingCCI took the incoming live feeds from the launch and put them onto video displays. In the end, CCI not only provided tables, chairs, soft seating, bars and other furnishings, but a tent with a generator and power distribution, large 4K video displays on stands, a stage, a podium, a camera, and a video switcher to mix live and streamed video from the event and launch sites.

OneWeb has partnered with Airbus and has satellite manufacturing factories based in Toulouse, France and Merritt Island, FL. They will ultimately deploy and operate a constellation of up to 900 low-earth orbit satellites providing global high-speed internet access.

CCI works hard to meet the Audio-Visual needs of our many recent clients, which includes:

  • Jacobs Engineering
  • Sherwood Golf Club
  • Rockledge Regional Medical Center
  • Crossley Shear
  • South Lakes High School in Maryland

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