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Corporate Communications

For over 40 years as of 2018, CCI has used our expertise to help all types and sizes of businesses to market their companies with corporate video production, educate and train their employees and enhance their products. As technology changes, those strategies need to change and we can help you make that transition with new audio visual tools and services for your corporate videos.

Corporate Video Production

For corporate education and training solutions, we can create and produce:

For marketing and business development, we provide these services and productions:

  • Proposal development and support – Whatever you need, from designing win themes to technical writing to providing subject matter experts, to developing illustrations/diagrams, creating 3D models and even oral presentation coaching and creating power point presentations.
  • Trade Show Support
  • AV and Production Rentals
  • Media, PR and Advertising Consulting
  • AV Presentations and Tech Support
  • Corporate Videos – easily the most dominant online marketing tactic available to your businesses today. High quality Corporate Video Production can help you increase your search search presence, drive high amounts of visits to your website, and increase conversion exponentially.
  • TV Commercials
  • Video News Releases
  • Live Events
  • Web Videos
  • Web Development
  • Digital Displays and Interactive Touchscreens
  • Exhibits for Small Events and Large Trade Shows
  • Facilities Management

Our commitment is to explore the latest innovations in our field and provide the best marketing, communications and training solutions for your business. It is our combination of technology and innovative staff that continues to establish CCI as a leader in digital media and corporate communications. In all efforts, we are dedicated to quality and to our customers.


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