Developing Custom Web Apps for Business Needs

Developing Custom Web Apps for Business Needs
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EVAL-NOW.... Evaluation App

This mobile responsive app allows managers to evaluate employees or facilities quickly in real-time on their mobile device. The app provides an electronic form for managers to enter their evaluations of almost anyone or anything. The electronic form initially poses a series of conditional questions that will automatically guide the manager to the standards of that department and correct the electronic evaluation form. The app can handle multiple departments and facilities. Once a manager completes the evaluation process, they may review the assessment with the associate reviewed or with personnel responsible on site. An electronic signature form is then provided which records both the manager and the person receiving the review’s signatures indicating that both acknowledge the evaluation results. Signing works directly on touch screens such as iPads, tablets and phones or by cursor on non-touch screen devices. The web app tracks the dates of the evaluation performed and the results. Completed evaluation forms and signatures are stored in a database to allow an administrator to search and review data by date, department, associate, personnel, and/or manager. This app can handle multiple departments and facilities. Forms and data fields can be configured to meet specific requirements and the app is easy and efficient to use by any organization.

Maintenance Monitoring App

This mobile web app allows employees to confirm completion of tasks such as cleaning at specific locations (bathrooms, hotel room, meeting room) or maintenance on something like a generator. The app works on most mobile devices.  For clients that provide the mobile devices or for employees sharing a mobile device, CCI custom configures the device to lock many features and make it simpler to use. Each mobile device provides the user a personal login to identify that employee during their work shift. That person then simply scans the QR tags placed at each location when cleaning or maintenance is complete. This information is then immediately posted to a monitoring website. The website provides real-time information about cleaning task status. Workflow for mobile device is as follows:
  • Employee is assigned a tablet or other mobile device at beginning of their shift.
  • Employee logs into the tablet by scanning the log-in QR code and signing in.
  • Tablet is in “lockdown mode” which only allows the employee to use the tablet as configured.
  • Employee completes cleaning or maintenance at a location and scans the location QR code.
  • This brings up a form field or checklist page for that location. Typically, forms include condition or status on arrival, steps taken to clean the location, maintenance data or what was done to resolve issues and then confirmation that the facility or equipment has been serviced.
  • Once the employee completes filling out the electronic form, they simply click submit.
  • The employee then goes onto the next location and repeats this process.
  • At the end of work shift, the employee scans the log out QR code and is logged out.
  • The device in now ready for the next employee to use.
All of this data is time/date stamped and sent to an administrator’s website. This allows management to track time between cleanings and servicing, number of servicing each employee performs per shift and so forth. A dash board is also available. In the dash board service, levels may be set which automatically generates reports if any areas are not meeting or exceeding service goals. The web app can also help managers set or adjust service goals based on the data received as the app tracks pre-servicing conditions. For example, if nearly every time an employee arrives to clean a facility and it does not need cleaning, service levels may be set too high. Likewise, if the facility is always dirty on arrival, service levels maybe set too low. This app is easy for the employee to use as every function is just a couple of clicks. The QR codes at each location automatically bring the correct form for the employee to use. Most forms are checklist type forms that the employee simply clicks on to complete.
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"HANDLE IT" Proactive Trouble Tracking App System

This app allows supervisors and managers the ability to open, pro-actively assign and track results when they report something that needs attention, from their mobile device. A manager would simply open the web app, enter the problem and select the group of support personnel that is responsible for the problem. When the manager submits this report, the web app pushes-out a notice to notify the web app on each person’s mobile device in the group selected. When that happens, an alarm goes off on each of the mobile devices in that group to notify them of the problem. Then, all of the employees on that group list will continue to get the alarm at preset intervals until one of them indicates he/she will take responsibility for the problem. This shuts off the group alarm, except the person who accepts responsibility, and continues to get the alarm until he/she indicates they have fixed or resolved the problem. This person can also enter notes and comments about what he/she did to resolve the issue. At that time the person enters the problem has been solved. The manager who originally reported the problem gets a notice that the problem has been solved with any comments from the person who fixed problem. The app system automatically tracks all these entries with a time and date stamps in a database that generates reports which provides information such as reoccurring problems, who does or doesn’t take care of problems, and so forth. This app works well for ongoing management of any area where issues need to be dealt with promptly such as tourist attractions, theme parks, resorts and any other facility or organization where real-time reporting and solutions are needed.

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Electronic Form Submittal Website

This website provides a proactive digital portal to file forms and plans for review. It basically replaces submitting and reviewing forms on paper as it automatically files and stores the updated versions. This streamlined web portal primarily collects the information previously written on paper forms stored in a filing cabinet. It allows all forms to be searched and quickly accessed.  It also allows real-time collaboration and approvals online. The web app reduces the amount of paper work needed by asking a series of conditional questions, so users only fill out the select forms that are required. The Administrator may set which fields are optional or required. If a field is required, the website will prompt users for any ‘required’ or missing data.  Once a completed form has been submitted, the website will notify designated administrators that the form is ready for review or comments. Users can set up logins. This allows them to re-use previously submitted forms for reoccurring purposes or to amend existing forms as needed. All forms are automatically kept in database and archived. When a print or paper version is needed, any form maybe recalled from the database and the website automatically creates a PDF much like the original paper form for printing. This web application is specifically useful for any functions where forms are required to be submitted prior to authorization, such as safety plans, security clearances and so forth.