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Digital Displays & Touchscreens

CCI’s Digital Displays offer comprehensive and efficient systems for directing, informing, and managing visitors at a broad range of public facilities.

CCI’s Digital Displays utilizes the latest technology, coupled with the internet, to provide state-of-the-art solutions that are custom tailored to your specific site requirements. Whether it’s custom maps, visitor information, or communicating current information through digital signage; our interactive touch screen display system will inform your audience more efficiently and their impression of your facility will be enhanced by the experience.

  • Custom-built Interactive touch screen displays
  • Digital Signage
  • Interactive Maps
  • Latest News
  • HD Videos
  • Custom Advertising
  • WiFi enabled displays are updated every 60-seconds

Digital Signage

CCI has a network of Digital Signs placed in a number of hotels along the Space Coast which not only fulfills a needed service for hotel customers, but greatly increases exposure for local businesses who advertise on the digital signage.

– Save your staff time from answering questions.
– Increase nights stayed in your hotel.
– Increase sales promoting your amenities.
Whether it’s custom maps, advertising visitor information or communicating information; a Digital Sign will inform and entertain your customers more efficiently as well as enhance their impression of your business. Find out how you can get a CCI Digital Signage System at NO COST.  Call (321)783-5232 or email us at info@cci321.com.

“The display at our front desk area is a highlight to the guests at our hotel. They love watching the videos on the screen when they are checking in and I have had many guests stay an extra day when they notice some local attractions in the area. The weather forecast and general area information really help the guests get ready for their stay.” Oral Ali, General Manager of the Econo Lodge in Merritt Island, FL.

You can increase your business exposure to thousands of hotels guests when you advertise on CCI’s Digital Signage Systems since your ad will run more than 100 times per day alongside local visitor and hotel information, weather, time and space launch updates on the screens. Your customized ad is in the form of a video, a still image or both, depending on your preference.

The hotels are also reporting that more rack cards are picked up from the tourist information display when a business advertisement is also on the Digital Sign.

CCI only allows 50 video commercials on the CCI Digital Displays at any one time which assures each customer’s video commercial will be shown at least 100 times per day within a 24 hour period. If you want your business to more effectively capture this target market, call us (321)783-5232.

– One 15 second video commercial rotating on all screens:  $125/month with a 3 month minimum paid in advance.
– One 7 second still image ad rotating in the lower right on all screens: $50/month with a 3 month minimum paid in advance.
– Combination of one video commercial and one still image ad: $175/month with a 3 month minimum paid in advance.