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Drone Video Production

Drone Video ProductionFor drone video production, there is none better equipped than CCI.  CCI utilizes the 3DR SOLO robotic drone for aerial video production. The SOLO drone is specifically designed for reliably and repeatedly capturing cinematic images.  It is the only drone that can control both drone-copter and camera positioning in flight fully automatically.
While autonomous flight is possible, all flight paths can be modified by the CCI pilot real time, so computer control is not just on or off, manual or autonomous, but rather it is in constant collaboration with the pilot.

The drone flies based on GPS flight paths, called “Smart Shots”. Then the CCI remote pilot tailors Smart Shots in real time, using as much computer-powered flight or camera control as needed to capture the creative vision for each shot.  For example, CCI’s remote pilot could have the Solo copter’s computer act as a second operator, either piloting the drone (locked on predetermined paths for consistent and safe flight) while our pilot manually operates the camera, or the CCI remote pilot can fly the drone manually while the computer acts as cameraman and keeps the camera framed on the target.  To do this SOLO drone uses a total of three flight computers (drone, controller and tablet).  This system allows the drone to handle very sophisticated production requirements such as rate changes to ease in and out of key-frames while staying locked on a moving subject while in an Orbiting or Following flight. CCI’s drone camera has preset angles and fine-grain tilt control to lock in on targets. This control coupled with an especially developed 3-axis gimbal ensures smooth and fluid 4K or HD footage from every flight as the camera is stabilized to within 0.1 degrees of pointing accuracy. Images remain unaffected even while flying the drone at speeds of up to fifty-five miles per hour on a blustery day with wind gusts or crosswinds.

With these capabilities, it is no wonder the that 3DR Solo drone is the first choice for drone video production for many feature film producers.  Michael Bay chose Solo for the shooting of his film, “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi”. The 3DR Solo provided a simple way of capturing very dramatic shots without hours of practice behind the drone’s controls. Contact CCI for a demonstration of this state-of-the art technology and what it can do for you. 321-783-5232