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At CCI we work to AMAZE and our clients want more of it.  Apply your talents with leading-edge technologies on some of the coolest projects you can imagine; from network TV Shows to Outer Space. Help us stay ahead of the game while making a positive difference in our community.

Creativity is indefinable. It takes brilliant minds to imagine it.  Come join us.

CCI hires people on a freelance, part-time and full-time basis.  CCI employs: writers, graphic artists, computer specialists, sales and client services representatives, administration and clerical personnel, accountants, bookkeepers, and video production personnel including: engineers, camera operators, video editors, producers, directors, audio technicians and production assistants.

CCI welcomes unsolicited resumes.  Resumes should include your name, position or positions desired, interest in full, part-time or freelance work, your qualifications listing specific experience, and references.  Unsolicited resumes are kept on file for one year from date of receipt.  CCI seldom advertises position openings and hires mostly from unsolicited resumes that are kept on file.

Employment interviews are only held when there is a position open.  Demonstration materials, videos and samples are only reviewed at time of interview.

Tell us about yourself.