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CCI is an award winning film and video production company. CCI has worked on films such as Armageddon, Skating’s Next Star, Space Brothers, and more. Contact us today to learn how we can make your production a reality.

Whether it is helping make Large Objects disappear for a Network TV Magic Special, producing Live Coverage of an Award Show, organizing a Baseball Game for a Feature Film, or shooting a Music Video on the Beach, CCI is on the scene making Movie Magic.

CCI operates a One-Ton Light and Grip Trailer, 4K Cinema Cameras, Insert Studio, and Dialog Replacement Suite.

The One-Ton Light and Grip Trailer has everything someone might need for lighting. As the local lighting and grip equipment rental and production service company, CCI is in a unique position to give customers a better deal than anyone else,” In addition to standard grip equipment, CCI can provide a variety of lighting gear with the trailer, including Kino Flos, LED Light Panels, HMI and standard Tungsten lights. The Trailer is fully loaded. It has everything for indoor or outdoor use. It’s mobile, easy to work in, fast, safe and has everything to get the job done.

CCI’s Insert Studio is the largest commercial studio on the Space Coast. The 1100 square foot studio with green screen is complete with full lighting and even some stock sets.

We have worked on Films and TV Shows such as Armagedon, Skating’s Next Star, Space Brothers, Great American Car War, The Cape, Confessions of a Producer and more. 

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For this American science fiction disaster film produced and directed by Michael Bay and released by Disney’s Touchstone Pictures CCI provided producer and talent equipment to screen dailies and duplicated dailies during location production. Working with Jerry Bruckheimer Productions CCI edited and produced space materials for play-out on monitors in scenes in major motion picture.

Skating’s Next Star

CCI co-produced and edited this skating reality competition series for weTV. These series featured twelve aspiring figure skaters from around the world competing before a panel of Olympic Gold Medal winning judges, CCI provided three single camera crews to capture all the behinds the scenes action and confessionals in addition to providing a multi-camera production unit and crew to document all the skating action and competitions. Further CCI provided all post-production of all episodes of this TV series for a rush delivery to the network.

Skatings Next Star Judges and Skaters 1

Space Brothers

A live-action feature film adaptation of a graphic novel of the same name. The film stars Shun Oguri and Masaki Okada as space brothers Mutta and Hibito and Apollo Astronaut Buzz Aldrin as himself. Space Brothers was produced by TOHO Pictures, famous for the producing Godzilla a property that is still going strong today with millions of fans worldwide. Toho Pictures hired Cape Canaveral production company Communications Concepts, Inc. (CCI) to provide production services for all the Florida scenes. These scenes for the movie included: shots at the Kennedy Space Center press site, KSC fire tower and the Visitor Complex; shots at a youth baseball field in the City of Cape Canaveral; shots on the beach and a residential street in the City of Cocoa Beach and at Brevard County Park. Toho contracted with CCI location scouting and management, a full production crew, lighting and grip equipment, other production equipment, casting extras including an actual youth baseball game, production insurance, cast and crew housing, catering and more. The film open #2 in Japan.

Great American Car War

CCI shot, edited and produced this competition reality TV show that pitted tuner teams with late model Mustangs vs. Camaros. Hosted by Jessica Barton the show was shot on-location in Orange Park, Florida and at Orlando Speed World.


The Cape

An American dramatic TV series, with elements of science fiction, action/adventure, and drama, that was produced for syndication. The series followed the NASA Astronaut Corps at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida with a focus on their personal lives as they train for, and execute, Space Shuttle missions. The series stared Corbin Bernsen. Working for MTM Productions, CCI recorded the dialog replacement for all 22 episodes. We also provided TV camera crews to play news crews in three episodes of the show and produced and provided space videos for play-out monitors in scenes in TV series.

As the World Turns

Working for CBS and Proctor & Gamble Productions CCI captured screen tests and location footage with Meg Ryan in Daytona Beach, Florida using our multicamera production unit and single camera gear and crew.


Worlds Greatest Magic

CCI worked for NBC / Hearst and produced segment for the show the “Worlds’ Greatest Magic” in which a magician Franz Harary made the Space Shuttle disappear. CCI provided lighting, cranes and lifts and camera gear with crew for this production at the Kennedy Space Center and a still undisclosed location.

Last Space Shuttle: Our Journey

CCI HD Production Unit for Windfall Films for the live coverage of the last Space Shuttle Launch for the “live” portion of this one hour documentary. The program was seen in the United States on Discovery Network’s Science Channel and broadcast worldwide across the Discovery network.


Confessions of a Producer

Feature film starting Clare Grant and Steve Barrett. All production work for this movie was performed by CCI including all studio and on-location shots. Movie is currently on Amazon and tubi-tv.

When We Left Earth

Working for the BBC Film/Discovery through Dangerous Films CCI recorded most of the interviews with astronauts in that show from our Cape Canaveral studio.


Other Featured Projects

Other projects have included audio recording for the A & E / Greystone Communications / “The Real West”; production episodic TV series ENCOUNTERS or the Real, Unreal and Beyond, Segment production for Paramount / “Real TV”; producing ONE GIANT LEAP 50 Year of the American Space Program documentary with Corbin Bernsen; recording HD interviews with astronauts in from our Cape Canaveral studio for play-out on monitors in the cue line at the Shuttle Experience and MORE. If you need help in Florida with Entertainment or Documentary Productions, you need to talk with CCI.