Tips and Tricks to Plan the Perfect Event

Tips and Tricks to Plan the Perfect Event

Event Planning Tips

When it comes to planning an event, always keep the reason for the event in mind, so you stay focused on the goal and it doesn’t get out of hand and turn into something you didn’t want. Then, decide on an approximate date for the event and a budget. Start your list of what you’ll need to pull it off:

Contact the potential venues to find out about date availability, whether or not they meet your requirements and get estimates or proposals from the venue.

If the venue doesn’t provide the AV requirements needed, you’ll need to get quotes from other vendors who do provide AV equipment and AV support.

Set up registration, ticketing or an RSVP plan for the attendees to respond.

Set up a schedule for notifications of the event. Many of these items would be sent electronically:

Create an agenda and if necessary, share it with the venue, so they know what you plan to do.

On the day of the event:

Presentation Tips

Presentations are not just content anymore. They now have flashy audio/video effects, so we can now sit in the audience
and watch spectacular presentations using PowerPoint, Director, and coordinated slides. The explosion of exciting
new A/V technology has made a wide range of special effects generally available to presenters. Many businesses, coaching sales teams, and executives are using AV as an effective platform. 

Here are some tips to make sure your presentation is a memory your audience won’t forget.

Lighting, room temperature (you don’t want your audience focusing on how cold or hot it is in the room).

You must also consider using a laptop or a high end LCD projector from an A/V company. And make sure you give
yourself plenty of time for setup and learning equipment. Here are some other points to remember when it comes to A/V for a presentation:

In the end, your message and the power of persuasion will depend on creating exciting pictures. Use your unique stories to stimulate your audience and audio/visual technology as a valuable support. Use it like it was designed to be used – to enhance your message, not to eclipse it. Contact the A/V rental department at CCI (321) 783-5232.

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