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4K UHD & HD Video Production

CCI offers HD Video Production in both 4K UHD and HD.  4K, also known as Ultra-HD or UHD guarantees the highest quality and standards with no regrets.  It is four times sharper and more detailed than 1080p HD footage or nine times more detailed than 720p HD. This means that your footage can be displayed on larger displays or projected on larger screens without losing detail plus many more benefits such as greater textures, clarity and depth in your images. There are several good reasons why you should hire CCI to shoot your next video in 4K even if you’re only going to show it in HD or on the web:

  • The first is for future proofing your footage 4K is an ideal archival format. If you shoot and archive in 4K, you can come back to your footage in the future and still have pristine images to repurpose. That is certainly not true of obsolete tape formats.
  • A second reason is that the quality will always be higher. If you shoot in 4K, edit in 4K and then down convert to HD, your footage will be sharper and have less noise.
  • A third reason is if you shoot 4K you can crop 200% on the image and still have a HD image. This means you can reframe after you have shot. Additionally, you can crop to stabilize an HD image.

The advantages to hiring CCI to shoot in 4K, even if you are delivering in HD, are obvious. CCI understands the exceptional opportunity 4K presents in production and how to compose a picture and the proper use of zooms for maximum impact on the screen.  4K and the Prime Lens CCI uses provide that shallow depth of field that gives your project that feature film look. It is a great storytelling tool. Check for yourself to see how Citizen Kane used this feature as a textbook example of deep focus storytelling.  4K shows more detail, so the CCI production team tweaks everything from sets to make-up, so it is picture perfect.  We look closely at everything because with 4K is almost like being under a microscope.

CCI has a full complement for 4K gear that includes cameras, prime lenses, a fully registered and licensed robotic 4K drone and professional studio and full one ton light and grip support trailer.  CCI has already produced 4K videos for organizations like Vision Engineering, the Crane Creek Festival for the City of Melbourne, Century 21 Realty and many others.  Contact us if you’d like to take the quality of your videos to the next level. Call 321-783-5232 for a quote.

HD Video Production
HD Video Production
HD Video Production