lighting & grip

CCI is a one stop shop for all your lighting & grip equipment rental needs in Central Florida. Rent professional lighting equipment and grip trucks for your next production. Need a video crew? We can help!

CCI provides fully equipped 1-ton Light and Grip Trailer.  It has everything you would expect in such a unit

As one of the few Light & Grip Trailers in East Central Florida, CCI is in a unique position to give customers a better deal than anyone else when the come to the Space Coast.   In addition to standard grip equipment, CCI can provide a variety of lighting gear with the trailer, including Kino Flos, LED Light Panels, HMI and standard Tungsten lights.

The trailer is fully loaded. It has everything for indoor or outdoor shooting. It’s mobile, easy to work in, fast, safe and has just what you need to get the job done.

If you’d like to check out the trailer or any of our rental gear, Call CCI  at (321) 783-5232.

CCI One Ton Light and Grip