Why Use Videos at a Trade Show? [Client Video]

Why Use Videos at a Trade Show? [Client Video]

Kicking off 2020, the CCI crew traveled to California to cover Safran USA activities at the 2020 Heli Expo show in Anaheim, CA. Heli Expo is the largest show of its kind and is a constant for Safran USA because of their key position in the helicopter market. This was CCI’s sixth consecutive time covering Safran activities at this Expo. At the show, CCI hustled to get footage of Safran’s introduction of four newly certified products along with a slew of new digital offerings. CCI captured everything in 4K Ultra-HD and quickly turned around a video highlighting Safran’s innovations and products for use in social media and on the Safran website.

CCI Producer, Robin Champagne said, “Shooting at Tradeshow like Heli Expo is challenging, often times multiple events are taking place at the same time and the executives you need for interviews have busy schedules that frequently change. As the Producer, I try to coordinate interviews early in the day, maintain good communications with the client, remain flexible and always get needed shots before any show celebrations begin.”

In January in addition to working with the US Division of Safran, CCI also worked with another Safran division “Safran Seats” at their Texas facility on another quick turnaround production. CCI sent a crew to the Dallas area to record executive interviews and digitally transferred the video files to France for immediate use.

Safran USA regularly showcases its business aviation capabilities at trade shows and uses videos to promote and document these events to enhance their marketing. CCI sent a video crew to the NBAA-BACE 2019 trade show in Las Vegas, NV to produce, record and edit a video for Safran USA. We invite you to watch the video we created for Safran at the NBAA-BACE 2019 trade show in Las Vegas, NV. In this video you will see the 1st ride sharing eVTOL cabin concept for the industry, designed & built in partnership between Safran and Uber. See the video here.

Safran USA is an international high tech company that designs and builds propulsion and aerospace equipment in the space and defense industries.

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Why Use Videos at a Trade Show?

    • Moving images capture the eye.
    • Gives the viewer a feel for your company.
    • Visually promotes your products.
    • Versatile for use in other marketing.

Video | Safran present at NBAA 2019

Tradeshow Marketing Video


More about Safran USA

Safran USA is a leading provider for the rotor-craft market. Over the years, CCI has been present to record and produce a promotional video showcasing their products and the companies exhibiting under Safran banner at the Expo.   Safran’s products support numerous commercial and military aircraft for such U.S. customers as the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, national and state law enforcement agencies, along with emergency medical services, commercial offshore and tourism operators.

CCI has captured plenty of interesting video material, including product unveilings, informative interviews with Safran’s executives and employees.  This has allowed CCI to create fast paced overview of the show for use on Safran’s websites and social media.

Take a look at Heli-Expo we filmed. The Heli-Expo conference is known as the worlds largest helicopter trade show with over 18,000 attendees and nearly 800 exhibitors.