One Giant Leap


This award winning sixty minute documentary traces the exciting 50 year history of the United States Manned Space Program. The program includes interviews with some of the individuals directly involved in the space program; they share their personal experience, the good and the bad, but mostly the triumphs of what was and still is one of the greatest technological and human achievements in the history of mankind.



The program starts at the beginning in the 1950s and ends with a glimpse of future manned space programs to the moon, mars and beyond.

The documentary, hosted by Corbin Bernsen includes exclusive interviews with Space Shuttle Astronaut Hoot Gibson; Mercury/Apollo Astronaut Alan Shepard’s daughter, Laura Shepard; Apollo/Skylab Astronaut Bill Pogue; Space Shuttle Astronaut Jon McBride; Apollo Astronaut Al Worden and Voice of Launch Control Jack King, plus footage of all significant events in NASA’s history, again both good and bad explained by those that lived it.


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