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Robotic Cameras

We are excited to have two of the first newly released SOLOSHOT3 Optic 65 video cameras and one Swivel C video camera available for rent.

Robotic Camera PhotoThe SOLOSHOT3 is perfect for action sports such as surfing, soccer, etc. because the camera will accurately follow the subject matter without someone having to be behind the camera. It works with a waterproof and shock-resistant “Tag” which is worn or mounted to the subject being recorded and the tracking and recording is controlled with the press of a button. The camera processor technology automatically pans, tilts, and zooms as it tracks and films the subject from up to 2,000 ft. away for up to 4 hours.

The SOLOSHOT3 provides top quality 4K images as well. Each of CCI”s robotic camera systems has a 65x optical zoom lens and will capture 1080p images up to 120 frames per second and 4K images at 30 frames per second.  Live streaming to the SOLOSHOT app and Facebook is also possible.

The Swivl C captures indoor events such as weddings, lectures, presentations, conferences, training, focus groups and more. Swivl is already being used in over 30,000 schools worldwide. The Swivl is powered by an Octa-Core driven tablet with a five-mega-pixel autofocus camera, as it rotates and tilts to follow a Marker worn by a subject.  Then the  system automatically records video in full HD.  Each Marker also includes a wireless microphone.  While one Marker is designated for video tracking, up to three markers may be used to capture three independent audio tracks simultaneously, such as the voice of the bride, the groom and the minister.

For more details and rental information, contact us at info@cci321.com or call 321-783-5232.

To see the robotic camera in action, watch the video below…