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Communications Concepts, Inc. is celebrating 40 years of business so CCI’s President and Founder, Jim Lewis, is sharing forty tips which he has learned through those years about how to survive and prosper in business.

In this video, the discussion is about Sweet Spot Marketing. You have had your business for some time, but you are having trouble getting the most from your product or service. Maybe you should look into Sweet Spot Marketing. If you do not know what Sweet Spot Marketing is, it is the spot where you make the most sales that make the most money. How do you find your sweet spot?

We recommend three questions to find your Marketing Sweet Spot

1  What service or product do you sell that clients really want?
2 What is your best product or what service are you best at?
3 And what product or service generates the greatest profit?

Pinpointing Market Sweet Spot…

Most internet searches will show you a circle diagram, and the Sweet Spot is where the circles overlap.

We suggest a less confusing method. Put those 3 questions into columns, much like a pro / con list. Then answer the questions with your products/services that best answers each question in the appropriate column. Any product/service in 2 or 3 of the columns is your sweet spot and this is where you should focus your selling or promoting.

Finding your sweet spot is not always immediate. Let’s take PayPal for example. When Elon Musk and others founded PayPal, it was not at all what it is today. It took several years of trial and error and other issues that almost ended the company before PayPal found their sweet spot. And now the popular online payment system is used by millions every day.

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And be on the lookout for our next blog as we talk about finding “Mentors”.

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