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Communications Concepts, Inc. (CCI) handled all location production in Florida for Japanese Movie – Space Brothers.  The Kennedy Space Center and other Space Coast locales were the backdrop for scenes for this full-length live action movie.  “Space Brothers” put a popular manga series of comic books on film for the first time.  The movie was produced by Toho Pictures, famous for the production of the original Godzila movie series.  Working US producer Yoshi Hosoya, CCI did all the location production work.  This work included literally providing all equipment, all production crew positions, props, all the local talent and hotel and craft service.  Scenes shot in Florida made up ten to fifteen minutes of the final two hour and nine minute motions picture.   The movie was shot entirely with RED cameras.  CCI provide two RED cameras to shoot Florida scenes.  “It’s been great,” said Yoshi Hosoya, who is the U.S.-based producer for the project. “People have been very helpful.”