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When you own a business, the saying that “Time is Money” is a true reality.  All of us struggle with making the most of the time we have available in a work day, even if we work for someone else.

In this video tip, CCI founder and President Jim Lewis identifies some of those “Time Thieves” and offers suggestions on how to get around them such as keeping a time log of your tasks to help you understand where your time is being spent and eliminating distractions by turning off notifications on your phone.

TheBalance.com has 11 more time management tips about how to be more organized and productive. https://www.thebalance.com/time-management-tips-2947336

  1. Realize that time management is a myth.
  2. Find out where you’re wasting time.
  3. Create time management goals.
  4. Implement time management plan.
  5. Use time management tools.
  6. Prioritize ruthlessly.
  7. Learn to delegate and/or outsource.
  8. Establish routines and stick to them as much as possible.
  9. Get in the habit of setting time limits for task.
  10. Be sure your systems are organized.
  11. Don’t waste time waiting.

Ultimately, we want to make the most of our time in order to be the most productive we can be.  If you’re not paying attention, time flies right by you and it will never come back.

In celebration of Communications Concepts, Inc. 40 years of being business, CCI’s President and Founder, Jim Lewis, is sharing 40 tips that he has learned throughout the years about how to survive and prosper in business.

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