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Tradeshow Videos

There are at least two ways to think about tradeshow videos.  Most people think of Tradeshow Videos as a video you show at the tradeshow.  CCI has produced award winning videos to play at tradeshow exhibits and tradeshow announcements, but CCI also produces video coverage of tradeshow activities to expand your companies presence beyond the walls of the tradeshow.  CCI tradeshow video coverage can be used to show employees the promotional work your company is doing and make sure clients and potential clients that couldn’t make the tradeshow get see your exhibit and product announcements.  These types of videos continue to perform long after the tradeshow has packed up.

CCI has produced presentations that play at tradeshows for Lockheed Martin, the Space Coast Office of Tourism, AAR and others.  We have also produced coverage at exhibits and announcements for a variety of companies at tradeshows at convention centers in Las Vegas, Miami, Orlando, Louisville, Washington DC, Palm Springs and others,

CCI also creates live programs at tradeshows for real-time Live Streaming to the web.  These live events help facilitate press coverage and really expands your tradeshow reach.  The work by CCI includes script writing, pre-production planning, blocking, professional talent, rehearsals and the actual live production.

Ted McFarland former Vice President Marketing for Lockheed Martin International Launch Services ILS says it best: “CCI was key in realizing a great outcome!”

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Tradeshow Videos