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CCI is an award winning Media, Entertainment, and Technology company specializing in video production, web design, and online marketing in Orlando and Melbourne, FL

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Whether your you need a new web design in Melbourne, FL to market to clients locally, a rebuild of an existing website, or just to add a new feature to your website like a shopping cart or video gallery look no further than CCI.

CCI provides clients exceptional website design services. We have been designing and building websites for over twenty years for organizations ranging from small firms like NewPoint Strategies, to large firms like Lockheed Martin to associations like the Organize Fishermen of Florida. With every site we build, CCI applies its know-how to organize and present information in a clean, quick and friendly way. We consider each web visitor’s journey and construct a site map that guides each guest to information quickly with the least number of clicks possible.

CCI always offers responsive website design and strong calls to action for every site build. With the explosive growth of web browsing on phones and tablets, every website CCI builds is mobile responsive, meaning automatically formats and resizes to display properly on any size screen. CCI also expertise in creating and managing website related databases for everything from searchable photo-galleries, to inventory records, products and more. As much as possible, CCI builds most websites using off the shelf user-friendly backend solutions such as WordPress. By avoiding use of proprietary software languages website built by CCI can easily updated the client and exported as needed to commonly used formats. A full range of web design and related services are offered by CCI:

  • Website analysis and mapping
  • Graphic design
  • Website development
  • Database development
  • Content Management Applications
  • Content creation (writing, photography and more)
  • SEO and Social Media Support
  • Web hosting

Want to find out how your website is really performing? Contact CCI for a free website analysis. For your review, CCI will run a report based on data from several independent review applications to provide you accurate website metrics. Call CCI today at 321-783-5232.

CCI always offers responsive website design and strong calls to action for every site build.

CCI Responsive Website Design

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cci CREATEs and develops
customized web apps

What if you could eliminate a lot of the paperwork and filing in your business and be able to track progress and problems even more thoroughly and efficiently?  The revolution of web based apps brings many more creative options for a business such as evaluations, quality control, maintenance monitoring, trouble tracking and submitting forms to websites. And there is more – photo galleries, blogs, back-office integration, calendars, shopping carts, portfolios, product manuals, customer service portals, push notifications, product catalogs, location finders, social media integration, estimate calculators and donation portals.

CCI has created and developed customized apps such as: a mobile responsive evaluation app which allows managers to evaluate employees or facilities quickly in real-time on their mobile device; a mobile maintenance monitoring app that enables employees to confirm the completion of a task at specific locations; a trouble tracking app works well for ongoing management of any area where issues need to be dealt with immediately such as tourist attractions, theme parks, resorts and any other facility or organization where real-time reporting and solutions are needed; and the electronic form submittal website is specifically useful for any functions where forms are required to be submitted prior to authorization, such as safety plans, security clearances and so forth. At CCI, we listen to each client’s issues and workflow, and then plan mobile website solutions that will streamline processes to make the work easier. Our developers are dedicated to stay on top of latest technologies, find the right solutions and create intuitive, useful products. Are you still using clipboards and filing your records in a drawer?

Get a more detailed overview of some of the web app solutions that CCI has already developed for clients through our Blog. Let us know what your needs are and we’ll find the right solution for you. Email us at or call (321)783-5232.

Streamline workflow and eliminate inefficiencies with a customized app

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