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Website Design Services

Website Design Services

Are you using the interactive advertising medium? Are you getting the results you want? At CCI, we’ve stayed on the cutting edge of Web technology, but we have not lost focus on what matters most — results by providing our clients with exceptional website design services.

Some websites just tell the visitor who you are and how to reach you – they function like “business cards”. Others have features and functions that make valuable contributions to your business, saving you time and making you money. These are more like “employees”. Whether you need a simple business card site or a site that works for you, CCI can tailor a solution that meets your needs. We have over 50 years of combined web site creation experience, seeing them evolve since the days of accessing the internet with CompuServe and AOL. Thankfully we have moved along with technology and understand today’s needs.

CCI has an extensive list of long-term clients whom we have use us for our website design services, while also hosting and maintaining them. Let us help you through the creative process.

Our Website Design Services Include:

Template Creation
We start with YOU. There are questions we ask you:

– What are you looking for?
– What kind of service does your business provide?
– Who are your clients?
– What functionality do you want on your site?

We send you various examples of templates that we fashion to match your company. Colors, logos, banners, etc. We take in to account what kind of customers you get and try to find the best design to convert clicks to clients.

Graphic Design

We offer in house services to create graphics that you may need to help get your site noticed and make it look professional. Whether it is banner ads or call to action buttons to engage your customer, we can make anything you need to get your site started.

Content Population

We provide copy writing service for all businesses and trades that are SEO friendly to help you receive more organic searches to your page. Proper content population can maximize your Google Rating and allow you to rise through the rankings. We can also write your Blog for you to increase your web presence.


Our SEO package ranges from small to robust, and everything in between. Gain a stronger foothold online with our organic search, social media and content population packages.

Social Media

Let us kick start your Social Media campaign! This can fall into an SEO package or a single instance service. We can post and manage your Social Media until it gets off the ground and to enhance to ensure it brings traffic to your website.